This is a complete map of the foot trails around my high school, completed as an independent study project during my senior year of high school.  As a member of the cross-country team, I was very familiar with the foot trails, but I knew that most students were not.  I created this map in order to make the trails familiar and accessible to students not on the cross-country or track teams, especially to members of other athletic teams.


I constructed the map by drawing over Google Maps satellite images.  The area around my high school is very hilly, so in order to measure the distances of the paths, I walked all of the trails with a measuring wheel over the course of several months.  As part of this project, I also wrote up verbal descriptions of each of the trails, noting trailblazes, turns, and distances in order to provide a guide to supplement the map.

- Justin Manley - Marker, watercolor, and colored pencil.
Marker, watercolor, and colored pencil.
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